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TDI Cave Sidemount Diver

TDI Cave Sidemount Diver course

The objective of the TDI Cave Sidemount Diver course is to teach cave divers how to safely use a sidemount configuration in overhead environment, taking in consideration the specific hazards resulting of the combination of both the environment and the configuration.

Sidemount configuration is more versatile and safer to use in caves, but also allows you to go places back-mount doesn’t allow you to, therefor self-limitation and sound judgement in every situation are paramount.

During the TDI Cave Sidemount Diver course, divers will learn their equipment configuration inside-out and will be able to perform quick fix directly underwater in case of equipment malfunction, as well as manipulate their cylinders safely in and out of the water.

The program teaches the proper techniques, protocols and gas management specific to the use of sidemount configuration in a cave environment.

The TDI Cave Sidemount Diver course is also a necessary preparation for more complex forms of diving such as Advanced Sidemount Cave diving.

General conditions for all DZD overhead diving courses

General conditions for all DZD overhead diving courses

– all overhead courses have a daily training fee of $285 USD per student
– the duration/prices of the courses are thought as minimum
– students should be ready for extra training if necessary
– “Students pay for training, certifications are earned.”

– transfer from the dive center to the dive site and back
– teaching
– use of cylinders, and air / EAN32 fills
– weights, use of tool box, medical O2, drinking water

– gases other than air or EAN32
– personal dive equipment
– educational material (manual, e-learning, etc.)
– entrance fees to the cenote parks
– food or extra services (porter, etc.)

– $260 USD per day per person for two or more students
– please contact us via e-mail for special group/operators’ prices

We give our students the full attention they deserve and give our very best to make the course enjoyable and time-efficient. The courses are performance based, and the student must display the adequate skills and attitude to achieve certification.

We love teaching, and we love having fun, too! Ultimately, diving must be a pleasure, even during a demanding training. We make sure not to lose this from our sight!


Duration and Price

4 days – $1,140 USD


18 years old
Full Cave Diver

Book Now - $1,140

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