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Top 5 Reasons Why Should I Take My Cave Training Course in Mexico

Real committed scuba divers are always in the search for more learning and skils development because they know that these things will make them better divers. Diving in a new exciting location or having an encounter with a big underwater marine life is always a great thing but many of us we just want to become a better diver, and we know that Cave Diving provides you with all these aspects, also we know that Mexico is one of the best places to go cave diving. So we want the best training, the best dive sites and the best quality and service for our money. 


Here are the best top 5 reasons why Mexico fits perfecto to find all these things altogether.  


Reason 1 – Easy & Accessible 

Cancun Mexico international airport receives flights from all over the world daily, so in a matter of hours, you can fly almost directly from any country around the globe.

Also, the Tourism, communications and travel industry in Mexico is very well developed which makes it very easy to have access to the main dive sites in a matter of minutes without the need to travel long exhausting hours to reach the top main training dive locations.


Reason 2 – Multilingual Professional Cave Training

Knowledge needs to be passed on from person to person in many different ways, but one of the most important ways is the verbal communication student to the instructor in both ways.

Mexico is home to many instructors from different countries who fell in love with Mexico and Cave Diving so they decided to make this wonderful country their home to share their passion with the rest of the diving community. So it is just a matter of making some internet search and engage in some sort of direct communications with any of the local Cave instructors to start planning your next adventure in a very easily understandable and practical way.


Reason 3 – Safety

Besides Mexico is a relatively safe country, also we have to take a good look at the quality in service, equipment, dive guidelines and breathing gases. The dive community that is based in the area is very small and keeps a good check on everyone to provide good service with great training quality that goes above and beyond. Also since we are very close to the united states we have access to state of the art technical dive equipment for better skill development and comfort.

We have designated training dive locations that meet the perfect training standards for apprentice cave divers and more advanced complex training locations.

In the area, the majority of our breathing gases are provided by reputable air sources who follow strict government and community safety guidelines standards. 


Reason 4 – Culture & Nature

Cave diving in Mexico has very unique and mystical attractions besides the inspiring and incredible limestone formations, pristine warm waters with their layers of fresh and saltwater (forming a halocline) coming together, creating surrealistic views and stunning light shows. It almost feels like it is artificially built, and all this emerges and combines all together in relation to the Mayan culture who´s been part of this Cave Diving scene since the very beginning of its discovery in the early 70 and 80´s. The Yucatan peninsula in Mexico offers a wide variety of very colorful and friendly towns very rich in culture,  together with archeological sites where you can find multiple cenotes and cave diving locations that takes place in the secret underworld of turquoise pools, where the Maya lived and truly connected with their beliefs and religion.


Reason 5 – More for your money

Since nowadays the Mexican peso against the U.S dollar and Euro has been very low it is easy and convenient to come down and still get trained under a tight budget which allows you to get more for your money form what you will have to pay in other cave diving destination.

The majority of cave diving centers or instructors will let you do a couple of more dives after you finished your training at a very reasonable and affordable rate. This also sometimes applies to the vast majority of the great Air BnB places that are in the area.